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Little introduction to japanese porn section

Japanese Porn:

A unique style of pornography. Having lived in both Asia (where Japanese pornography is very widespread) and America, I have to say that Japanese pornography is a very disturbing style of erotica.

The first thing that struck me with Japanese porn is how the female must look as if she is suffering. They never seem to enjoy the sex like they do in American porn, they grimace, they look away, they scream in pain, and they very grudgingly accept the money shot. This hinted at the heavy Japanese obsession with S&M (Sado-Masochism). They often cry after the guy is done and finished.

The use of fetishes in Japanese porn is also significantly different from Western styles. The most obvious one is the plaid schoolgirl fetish. All porn depicts a young, nubile girl that bears a striking resemblence to schoolgirls, or at least college age. In fact, there is a type of cream for sale in Japan that reddens the nipple, making it the owner look younger.

Bondage and S&M are widely used in Japanese porn. Tying a woman up then slowly rotating the camera is often used as an introduction. Handcuffing (not always with handcuffs, it can be with rope or a piece of clothing) is seen often.

As Japanese porn drifts to the higher levels of extremity, it far exceeds American porn in terms of depravity. Sometimes, it got so disgusting that it made me somewhat nauseous. Japanese porn is infamous for making a fetish out of anything imaginable.

After watching some Japanese porn, I have decided to stick with the American style of pornography. It just seems more normal. Japanese people go kind of crazy with porn.

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